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NAC Canada operates on behalf of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) and is hosted by the Department of Chemistry, University of Guelph. We distribute licences of the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) and affiliated software, and provide help to Canadian users. CSD contains small molecule structures containing organic carbon. It is the largest of crystallographic databases; in June 2019, the database reached 1 million structures.

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  DS   MG  
  Dmitriy Soldatov   Monaliza Gill  
  Director   Finances (from 2019)  
  soldatov @   chemfin @  
      519-824-4120 x53094  

  Renewing your licence:  
  (1) For the 2020 renewal, send us a confirmation (by e-mail to D Soldatov) of the type of licence you would like to have for this year. See below the description of licence types. A three-year licence can be purchased as well. Once your site licence activated, you will receive a link and instructions for the database renewal (directly from Cambridge).
(2) Pass your payment to be processed asap.
  Your old licence:  
  Your 2019 licence will expire on 31 March 2020.  
  The 2020 release:  
  The 2020.0 CSD Release has been released on 12 December 2019. It contains 1,016,168 unique structures and 1,034,174 entries (CSD version 5.41). The release also includes the updated CSD-Discovery, CSD-Materials, and CSD-System software suites. CCDC will offer regular updates during 2020. WebCSD can be used to access the most recent entries. More details about the 2020 release can be found here.  
  The 2019 release:
  The 2019 version of the CCDC suite has been released at the end of November 2018. The database now includes 973,630 entries (957,868 unique structures). The software now has a new search engine that makes searches faster and more advanced. The CSD-CrossMiner software has been also improved. For more details about the 2019 release, read here.  
  The 2018 release:  
  The 2018 release is called CSD-Enterprise and includes the CSD System (version 5.39; contains >900,000 entries) as well as CCDC software applications for Discovery Chemistry and Materials Science. CCDC will offer regular updates during 2018. WebCSD can be used to access the most recent entries. More details about the 2018 release can be found here.  
  New licensing system since 2014:  
  Starting 2014, the licences for Canadian users are distributed through Guelph. Contact Dmitriy if you want to acquire or change the type of your licence. There are three types of licences:
RESEARCHER licence (installation of the database on TWO computers plus two individual logins for WebCSD).
GROUP licence (installation on up to SIX computers plus six logins for WebCSD).
CAMPUS licence (UNLIMITED installations and WebCSD access within your campus and additional six WebCSD logins).
Three-year licences are available upon request.
Please contact Monaliza Gill regarding payments.
  Click here for instructions on how to register and use the option.  
  Follow this link for more information:  
  WebCSD v2 is a new searching functionality that includes chemical search via a sketcher.  
  For more info, see this blog post  
  Overall support:  
  Free software: