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CEMWOQ - 2 :  2nd Crystal Engineering and Emerging Materials
Workshop of Ontario and Quebec

Emerging Materials: from Crystal Engineering to Waste Valorization


June 10th, 2015: CCDC Workshop June 11-12th, 2015: CEMWOQ-2

CEMWOQ-2 participants

The conference is a forum for researchers utilizing the principles of crystal engineering and solid state chemistry in the design of functional molecular, supramolecular and porous materials, as well as physical properties and chemical reactions that rely on thereby designed solids. The researchers across disciplines and levels (from students to internationally recognized research leaders) interact and discuss cutting edge research and modern techniques in the field of crystal engineering and materials.

Organizing Committee

Dmitriy Soldatov (Co-chair, U of Guelph)
Kathryn Preuss (Co-chair, U of Guelph)
Tomislav Friščić (McGill U)
Robert Schurko (U of Windsor)
Jeremy Rawson (U of Windsor)

INVITED Speakers

(in order of decreasing distance from Guelph)
Kenneth Harris(1) (Cardiff U)  "Towards an Understanding of Molecular Solids: Challenges, Strategies and Solutions"
Graeme Day(2) (U of Southampton)  "Discovering and Understanding Porous Molecular Crystals by Computational Exploration"
George Shimizu(3) (U of Calgary)  "MOFs for Clean Energy Applications"
Lee Wilson (U of Saskatchewan)  "NMR Studies of Cyclodextrin/Perfluorinated Guest Compounds"
Travis Holman(4) (Georgetown U)  "Molecular Materials with Zero-dimensional Pores"
Tomislav Friščić (McGill U)  "Re-discovery of Solid-state Reactivity for Green Synthesis"
Louis Cuccia (Concordia U)  "Conglomerate Crystals and Viedma Ripening"
David Bryce (U of Ottawa)  "Applications of NMR Crystallography to Materials"
Jeremy Rawson (U of Windsor)  "Shedding Light on Dithiadiazolyl Radicals: Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?"
Robert Schurko (U of Windsor)  "Multinuclear Solid-State NMR of Pharmaceuticals: Pure, Polymorphic and Dosage Forms"
Holger Eichhorn (U of Windsor)  "Liquid Crystal and Crystal Engineering of Aromatic Dyes"
Louise Dawe (Wilfrid Laurier U)  "A Scaffolded Approach to Learning about Crystallography and Communication in an Undergraduate Chemical Literature Course"
Kenneth Maly (Wilfrid Laurier U)  "Engineering Liquid Crystals: Self-Assembly of Novel Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons"
Emily Chiang (U of Guelph)  "Solid Industrial Waste Material Characterization in View of Valorization"
Travel Awards: (1) CEMWOQ; (2) Cryst Growth Des; (3) CEMWOQ; (4) CrystEngComm

OUR Sponsors

Department of Chemistry, U of Guelph
College of Physical and Engineering Science, U of Guelph
Office of Provost (Academic), U of Guelph
Crystal Growth and Design
Canadian Journal of Chemistry
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
ATS Scientific
Rigaku Americas


Full technical program

  Wed, June 10th CCDC Training Workshop 12:30pm - 5pm  
  Meet at Shakespeare Arms* After 6pm  
  Thu, June 11th CEMWOQ-2, Day 1 meetings** 9am - 7pm  
    (including Poster Session) (5:30pm - 6:50pm)  
    Reception & Dinner 7pm - 10pm  
  Fri, June 12th CEMWOQ-2, Day 2 meetings** 9am - 3:30pm  
    * At your own risk and cost
** Free lunches on June 11th and June 12th


Travel and Accommodation

Travel and accommodation information here

Previous meetings

CEMWOQ-0 "Self-assembly in the solid state as a route to greener chemical processes"
Montreal (McGill U), May 31st, 2013; 5 invited lectures and 12 posters; over 50 participants from 6 Canadian universities and UK. Student Poster Award: Anthony Sandre (U of Windsor).

CEMWOQ-1 <Program> "Solid-state chemistry as a toolbox for materials synthesis and green chemistry"
Montreal (McGill U), May 20th, 2014; 10 lectures (2 plenary, 6 invited), 3 students talks and 19 posters; over 60 registered participants from Canada, USA and Europe. Student oral presentations: Farukh Ali (U of Guelph); Ivana Brekalo (Georgetown U); Matej Baláž (Insitute of Geotechnics, Slovakia). Student Poster Award: José Gregorio Hernández (McGill U).

Participants of the 1st CEMWOQ conference in Montreal

Participants of CEMWOQ-1, McGill U, Montreal, May 20th, 2014

Future meetings

Future meetings are to be held annually. CEMWOQ-3 will be hosted by the U of Windsor, May 14-15th, 2016. The organizers are Jeremy Rawson and Robert Schurko at the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.

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