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Prof. Michael K. Denk

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Education:  M.Sc. at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany (1989),
Office: MacNaughton 334
Laboratories: MacNaughton 345
Phone: 519-824-4120 ext: 53820
Fax: 519-766-1499

Email: ,

Papers and Citations

Prof. Michael Denk's papers and citations via Google Scholar

Research Projects

Our two current research areas are interdisciplinary and focus on:

A. Folate intermediates, hydrogenases and hydride transfer reactions under biological conditions.

B. Prebiotic transition metal chemistry

This research has evolved over the last decades from the following research projects.

  1. Carbenes and their "heavy" relatives (R2M: with M = C, Si, P+, Ge, Sn and transition metals).
  2. Stabilization of highly reactive species through bulky amido substituents.
  3. Synthesis of novel volatile compounds as CVD precursors for microelectronic materials
  4. Generation of Ge-Si and Ge-C thin films for semiconductor and solar cell technology, synthesis of new precursors for electronic grade thin silicon films.
  5. Generation of superhard, oxidation resistant films based on boron and titanium.