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Prof. Adrian L. Schwan

Prof. Adrian Schwan
B.Sc. University of Western Ontario, 1983.
Ph.D. McMaster University, 1988 (w/ John Warkentin).
NSERC PDF: State Univ. of N.Y. at Albany, 1988-89 (w/ Eric Block).
Appointed to faculty of the University of Guelph in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, July 1989.
Named Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada (FCIC), June 2009.
Currently Professor in the Department of Chemistry.
Former and inaugural Editor of the Journal of Sulfur Chemistry
Currently accepting high quality graduate students for F2017

Please apply through the Guelph-Waterloo Centre for Graduate Work in Chemistry and Biochemistry (GWC2)
  • Phone: 1-519-824-4120 X58781
  • FAX: 1-519-766-1499Email:

  • American Chemical Society
  • Canadian Society for Chemistry
  • International Society of Heterocyclic Chemists
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Sulfur Chemistry

Research Interests and Expertise

  • organoSulfur chemistry
  • organoPhosphorus chemistry
  • small ring heterocycles
  • pericyclic reactions
  • synthesis of isotopically labelled compounds
  • PARP enzyme inhibitors
  • synthetic methods
  • asymmetric reactions
  • lipid and surfactant synthesis
  • catalytic and stoichiometric organoMetallic chemistry
  • transformations of heterocycles
  • aromatic metallations

Undergraduate Courses Taught

CHEM*4730 - Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Graduate Courses Taught