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Four University of Guelph representatives were recognized Thursday night at the 20th annual Women of Distinction Awards event. Preuss, holder of a Canada Research Chair, received her award in the Science and Research category. She studies nanotechnology and molecular magnetism.
We and the Canadian Journal of Chemistry (CJC) and Canadian Science Publishing would like to congratulate Professor Adrian Schwan (University of Guelph) for receiving the very first Canadian Journal of Chemistry Best Paper Award .

The winning paper was “Unexpected Reactions of Grignard Reagents with Selected beta - Carboalkoxy Substituted Sulfinate Esters” by Robert J. Faragher, Mohanad Gh. Shkoor, Kylie L. Luska and Adrian L. Schwan, Canadian Journal of Chemistry 2015, 93(1): 37 - 43.
Chemistry professor Mario Monteiro has been named one of the most influential people in the development of vaccines by a vaccine industry organization based in the United Kingdom.
College Royal: Chemistry and Biochemistry Club - Takes 1st place in CPES and 1st Overall among all other Colleges
Natalie Sadowski, the President of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Club reports that they have received 1st Place in the CPES group for their exhibit at this year's College Royal, and placed 1st Overall among all other Colleges! We all know how hard the Club works to put these exhibits together, and they are a constant favourite among Royal attendees. It is good to see that they are getting the campus (city!) wide recognition they deserve.
Dmitriy Soldatov's paper "Glycine homopeptides: the effect of the chain length on the crystal structure and solid state reactivity" appears on the cover of "CrystEngComm".
Stellar Biotechnologies Acquires Exclusive, Worldwide License to Clostridium Difficile Immunotherapy Technology. University of Guelph professor Mario Monteiro, discoverer of the C. difficile Polysaccharide II, said, "Stellar's vision has made it possible for our scientific discovery to migrate from the lab to the hands of industry. I'm confident that in time, this vaccine will prove to have saved many lives."
Peter Tremaine is working towards more efficient carbon-capture techniques. “Greenhouse gas emissions are a huge problem, and we need to do everything we can to keep them under control,” says Tremaine, adding that the group is working on a process that could cut energy costs by one-quarter.
More and more faculty's work is being showcased on scientific journal covers helping to raise the Department's profile. Check out the gallery.


"Optical and Magnetic Molecular Switches from Solid State to Solutions"
"Electrochemical studies of thiolate monolayers at a Au(111) electrode surface for applications in the development of tethered phospholipid bilayers"
An informative walk through the process of designing a scientific poster. Many useful tips.
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