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Chemistry professor Mario Monteiro has been named one of the most influential people in the development of vaccines by a vaccine industry organization based in the United Kingdom.
Dmitriy Soldatov's paper "Glycine homopeptides: the effect of the chain length on the crystal structure and solid state reactivity" appears on the cover of "CrystEngComm".
Stellar Biotechnologies Acquires Exclusive, Worldwide License to Clostridium Difficile Immunotherapy Technology. University of Guelph professor Mario Monteiro, discoverer of the C. difficile Polysaccharide II, said, "Stellar's vision has made it possible for our scientific discovery to migrate from the lab to the hands of industry. I'm confident that in time, this vaccine will prove to have saved many lives."
Peter Tremaine is working towards more efficient carbon-capture techniques. “Greenhouse gas emissions are a huge problem, and we need to do everything we can to keep them under control,” says Tremaine, adding that the group is working on a process that could cut energy costs by one-quarter.
More and more faculty's work is being showcased on scientific journal covers helping to raise the Department's profile. Check out the gallery.


Steve's work with the community has been profound, extensive, and extended. Steve has supported several generations of Scouts, with over 20 years of service. Steve has also represented the Department and science education by being a reliable and knowledgeable judge at local and distant science fair competitions for a similar period. Congratulations Steve!
"Probing new amino sulfoxide ligands in carbon-carbon bond forming reactions"
Thanks to Karen Ferraro and William Tam: Undergraduate Awards ceremonies
Thanks to terrific planning by Karen and William and MCs Mikhail Dereviankin and Natalie Sadowski the evening was a great success.

Approximately $40,000 in award funds and approximately $100K in 49 Entrance Scholarships were distributed to the students. Third and 4th year students who receive awards will automatically receive an equivalent matching scholarship award if they choose to stay at Guelph for a M.Sc. in Chemistry, or a double-matching scholarship if they join Guelph's Ph.D. program (directly or by transfer).
"Synthesis of Clostridium bolteae capsular polysaccharide fragments: a repeating disaccharide unit"
"Thermodynamic Properties and Speciation of Aqueous Alkyl Substituted Piperidines for Applications to Carbon Capture"
"Study on Ring Cleavage Reactions of Cyclopropanated Oxabenzonorbornadienes"
Title: Catalytic Reduction of CO2 and Esters with Nickel and Iron Pincer Complexes
"Incorporation of Fluorescent Modified GTPs into DNA Aptamers using PCR"
"Bacterial Polysaccharides and Vaccines Thereof"
"The Immobilization of Metals in Peatlands: Characterizing the Interactions between Metals and Humic Substances"
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