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The Department of Chemistry at the University of Guelph is searching for Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) candidates in one or more of the fields of Electrochemistry, Nanoscience, and Surface Science, all broadly defined. The tenured appointment will be at the Associate Professor or Full Professor level, according the successful applicant’s qualifications and experience.
This work, published by Springer, brings together mechanistic studies of biomass conversions; it is particularly timely, with the growing appreciation of the impact of petrochemical-based industries.
Advances in Engineering has identified a paper by Dorin Bejan and Nigel Bunce, Acid mine drainage: electrochemical approaches to prevention, and remediation of acidity and toxic metals (Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, December 2015, Volume 45, Issue 12, pp 1239-1254) as a Key Scientific Article contributing to excellence in engineering, scientific and industrial research. Advances in Engineering highlights papers of exceptional scientific importance, including the biographical information of the authors, to a broad scientific & engineering audience. It is viewed almost 650,000 times each month by engineers, professors and scientists and it is linked to the top 50 engineering companies as well as major research institutions.
Four University of Guelph representatives were recognized Thursday night at the 20th annual Women of Distinction Awards event. Preuss, holder of a Canada Research Chair, received her award in the Science and Research category. She studies nanotechnology and molecular magnetism.
We and the Canadian Journal of Chemistry (CJC) and Canadian Science Publishing would like to congratulate Professor Adrian Schwan (University of Guelph) for receiving the very first Canadian Journal of Chemistry Best Paper Award .

The winning paper was “Unexpected Reactions of Grignard Reagents with Selected beta - Carboalkoxy Substituted Sulfinate Esters” by Robert J. Faragher, Mohanad Gh. Shkoor, Kylie L. Luska and Adrian L. Schwan, Canadian Journal of Chemistry 2015, 93(1): 37 - 43.
Chemistry professor Mario Monteiro has been named one of the most influential people in the development of vaccines by a vaccine industry organization based in the United Kingdom.
Dmitriy Soldatov's paper "Glycine homopeptides: the effect of the chain length on the crystal structure and solid state reactivity" appears on the cover of "CrystEngComm".
More and more faculty's work is being showcased on scientific journal covers helping to raise the Department's profile. Check out the gallery.


Title: Synchrotron Infrared Radiation for in-situ Spectroelectrochemical Analysis
"Synthesis of Iron (II) Spin Crossover Complexes
using Thiazyl Radicals"
Congratulations to Mike Moore and Farukh Ali; 1st and 3rd place winners of the 'Three Minute Thesis' competition.
Last Saturday we had our first CPES Graduate Open House. In the University wide "Three Minute Thesis" competition, where students give condensed explanations of their research, Mike Moore won 1st place and Farukh Ali came in 3rd. Mike will go on to represent CPES at the University-level competition. Well done Mike and Farukh.
"Separation of petrochemicals using a new class of organometallic compounds"
"Design and Synthesis of Molecular Materials to study Re-entrant Phase Transitions"
"Nature's Hydrides: Reactivity Studies on Methylenetetrahydrofolate Model Compounds"
"Steam reforming of hydrocarbons over an unsupported nickel catalyst for maximum hydrogen production for commercial use"
"A New Synthetic Approach to Thiotetronic Acids Found in Groundwater"
"Investigating ring-opening reactions of oxabicyclic alkenes"
"Deuterium isotope effects on acid ionization constants under hydrothermal conditions using Raman spectroscopy"
"Exploring New Chemistry of 3-Aza-2-oxabicyclic Alkenes"
"Cyclic Dipeptides for the Design of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Co-crystals"
"Steam reforming of hydrocarbons on unsupported nickel catalysts for mobile applications"
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"Developing a High-Throughput Synthesis of DNA Aptamers Containing Fluorescent Internal Probes for use in Biodetection Applications"
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