These pages provide an overview of the specialized instrumentation that has been developed to advance our research interests.  All of these tools were designed, built, and interfaced by my research group. In addition to providing customized methods and technologies that are precisely tuned to our evolving requirements, instrumentation design is a valuable skill in experimental research; it requires an in-depth understanding of the experiment and its implementation, and the relationship of both to the researcher.

The construction, evolution and maintenance of these tools would not be possible without our expert technical support staff.  We are indebted to the following individuals for their advice, skill and patience.


Relevant Instrumentation (click on image to see apparatus)








  Case Gielen Mechanical Shops
  Uwe Oehler Software Support
  Ian Renaud Electronics Shops
  Steven Seifried Electronics Shops
  Daniel Auger Electronics Shops
  Jean-Louis Bedard Mechanical Shops
  Andre Noel Mechanical Shops
  Denis Poulin Mechanical Shops
  Philip Richter Computer and Networking Support
  Jules Rousseau Technical Support