Mercury: HV/UHV System

HV/UHV system


Mercury is a HV/UHV system designed to study organic monolayers bound to the surfaces of liquid Hg and Ga, and their solids just below the melting point. This instrument is used to study the role of the substrate in accommodating (i.e., relaxing) excess energy. It uses infrared spectroscopy and impedance spectroscopy to probe the effects of electron-induced damage to these films.


HV/UHV system - Closeup



  • QMA-200 mass spectrometer
  • Spectrometer+vacuum system is on vibrationally isolated optical table
  • 0-150 eV electron gun+controller
  • 120 l/s ion pumping plant
  • Nicolet Nexus 870 IR Bench, MCT-A, InSb detectors
  • Gas-phase deposition system
  • Liquid phase deposition system
  • LN2 sample cooling system
  • Load-lock with turbomolecular pumping plant
  • SuperSmooth sample transfer mechanism / loadlock
  • Dual inchworm impedance probe translation system
  • Hg/Ga drop manipulation system
  • Impedance measurements via potentiostat, lock-in amplifier


Relevant Instrumentation (click on image to see apparatus)