The Electrochemical Technology Centre

The Electrochemical Technology Centre is a key research resource of the University of Guelph.  The University's Strategic Research Plan has identified the study of interfaces as a 'distinct interdisciplinary research priority at Guelph', and the ETC is now an active focal point for fundamental and applied interfacial and electrochemical research.  Created in 2001, the ETC has developed and applied modern instrumental techniques to the many aspects of electrochemical surface science.  The ETC now has members coming from three faculties and two universities.  The ETC enjoys a remarkably rich diversity among its members and activities.  Their research expertise includes, among many other aspects


  • electrochemical approaches to reduce toxic products in the environment
  • zeolite-based electrocatalysts
  • bio-films and tethered bio-membranes
  • nanoscale surface design, modifications and analysis
  • sensor development
  • high-temperature and high-pressure electrochemical processes
  • functionalized surfaces and self-assembled monolayers
  • design and fabrication of components for solid-oxide fuel cells
  • surface spectroscopy
  • electron-induced processes at interfaces


Prof. Rowntree was the Director of the ETC from July 1, 2006 to ????. Our objectives are :


  • to enhance the visibility of the ETC's activities,
  • to promote the use of electrochemical and surface science techniques in both fundamental and applied research,
  • to provide a focus for the continuing education in interfacial science at all levels.

We welcome both academic and  industrial participation in the Centre's activities, and we look forward to your inquiries.