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CHEM 3650 - Chemistry of the Elements II

Lecturer: Marcel Schlaf                                 MACN 339, x 53002, 

Lab-coordinator: Robert Reed                     SCI 3108, x 53805, 

Lab-demos:    TBA

Click here for a full Course Outline (pdf).

Objective of the course

This course aims to give a comprehensive introduction to concepts used by inorganic chemists to describe the structure, properties, and reactivity of compounds of the transition metals. Very strongly suggested accompanying courses to this course

CHEM 386: Quantum Chemistry

CHEM 387: Symmetry and Spectroscopy

CHEM 375: Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 376: Organic Chemistry II

Prerequisites: CHEM 3640

Warning:  A good foundation in MO theory and symmetry will be required to do well in this course !!!  … but not to worry:  I will review some of the material again in class.


Lecture and Exam times and dates

Lecture:   MWF, 10:30-11:20 h, MINS 106

Start: 07/01/2019

End: 05/04/2019

No classes from 18/02-22/02/2019 (breakweek).

Total 36 lectures (12 weeks)

Lab times will depend on your chosen/assigned section !

Laboratory: SC2107, 2108, 2109. 

Midterm 1:                Friday, February 15th, 2019, in class (50 min.)

Midterm 2:                Friday, March 15th, 2019, in class (50 min.)

Final:                          Time and location TBA

Dr. Schlaf’s office hours:

Any time I am here!  If I am too busy I may have to ask you to come back some other time.  You can also ask questions by email ( ANYTIME.  I will respond as soon as possible, but may not check my email on weekends or evenings.


Theoretical part (70 % of total mark):

Midterm 1:                   20 % (≈ 28 % of lecture portion)

Midterm 2:                   20 % (≈ 28 % of lecture portion)

Final:                           30 % (≈ 43 % of lecture portion)

Laboratory (30 % of total mark):

Lab and lab report marks         

30 %  (Lab reports and performance marked by lab demos)

A  pass/fail lab exam will be part of the laboratory evaluation.

Note: You must achieve 50 % in each of the course segments separately to pass the course, i.e. you must have a minimum of 15 % of your total course marks from the lab and a minimum of 35 % of total course marks from the lecture portion of the course !