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The Schlaf Research Group

June 2017: Congratulation to Igor Tadeu da Cunha on successfully defending his M.Sc. thesis and graduating !
Iogr's funny graduation picture !
... is welcoming Nakisha Mark as a visiting CARICOM Scholar from Prof. Michael Forde's group at the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago ...
Picture of Nakisha Mark in the lab
... and saying farewell to Prof. Diana Quintao Lima after her one year stay (we'll miss you !!!).
Picture of Diana & Marcel at farewell party

Group BBQ Picnic at Guelph Lake in the Summer 2017

pIctgure of group at a BBQ picnic at Guelph Lake

The Group at the CSC 2017 in Toronto:

Picture of Group at the 2017 CSC Meeting in Toronto

Left to right: Maryanne Stones (Ph.D. cand.), Megan Magee (UG Summer student), Marcel, Diana Quintao (visiting Professor from Belo Horizonte, Brazil), Igor Tadeu da Cunha (M.Sc. cand.);

...missing, as (separately) on honeymoon: Elnaz Latifi (Ph.D. cand.), Hart Slater-Eddy (M.Sc. cand.).


Sun, Elnaz and Maryanne setting up a high-pressure reaction:

Sun, Elnaz and Maryanne setting up a high-pressure reaction

The Schlaf Research Group (July 2015)


Schlaf Group July 2015

GREAT CANADIAN BEER CEREMONY - at the Grad Lounge in honour of Ryan's successful M.Sc. Defence !

From left to right: Mohamed Ahmed (co-op summer student), Tom Minard (Cpt. Donut back for a drink from the real world !), Marcel, Maryanne Stones (co-op summer student), Elnaz Latifi (Ph.D. student), Ryan Sullivan (M.Sc. student), Konrad Piaseczny (Summer student).
Missing: Sunwha Lee (post-doc).


Recent Alumni


Photo of Dr. Elnaz Latifi



Elnaz Latifi

Ph.D. 2012-2017

... on maternity leave.




Picture of Ryan Sullivan



Ryan Sullivan

M.Sc. student in 2014-15

Now a Ph.D. student at U Ottawa





Photo of Dr. Sunhwa Lee


Dr. Sunhwa Lee

Post-doc 2014-2016

Now a staff scientist with Altranex.
(as of 01/03/2016)


Chris Graduation



Chris Gissane

M.Sc. April 2015

Working as a project manager.




Dr. Véronique Jollet

Post-doc 2012-2013

Now a staff scientist with Ecosyntethix
(as of 01/03/2016)

Tom Minard Alumnus





Tom Minard (a.k.a. Captain Donut)

M.Sc. December 2014.

Previously working at Mirexus - currently
looking for new opportunities.

Ben Chung

Ben Chung


CO-OP student and Undergraduate Research Associate 2012/13 and visiting researcher working with Prof. Conrad Zhang at DICP on a joint project on biomass conversion.

Now with Apple Canada

Chris Oswin

Chris Oswin (Brown)

M.Sc. August 2013

Initially working for BASF Canada. -

now Technical Director at Nuco Inc.

Eliane de Resende

Eliane de Resende

Ph.D. December 2012

Federal University of Lavras Minas Gerais, Brazil

Now Staff Scientist at Instituto Federal Minas Gerais,
Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

Fraser Waldie

Fraser Waldie

M.Sc. May 2012

Now working for as a Technologist for NOVA Chemicals in Calgary, Alberta

Benjamin Scott

Benjamin Scott

Postdoctoral Fellow 2011

Now working for Green Mantra

Elham Karimi and Alberto Acosta-Ramirez

Elham Karimi (left)

Staff Scientist at SYNCOAT.

Alberto Acosta-Ramirez (right)

Postdoc from July 2010 to June 2011


Domenico Di Mondo

Domenico Di Mondo

M.Sc. January 2011

Now working for Green Mantra

Dr. Devipirya Ashok

Dr. Devipirya Ashok

Post-doc from July 2008- to June 2010
Now at in the MS program for Drug Discovery & Development* at Drexel University

Dr. Deeb Taher

Dr. Deeb Taher

(Visiting Scientist from Tafila TU, Jordan 2008-2009)

Michelle "T-Bone" Thibault

Michelle "T-Bone" Thibault

(graduated May 2009)

Lab Manager/Instrument Tech at U of Calgary